About us

We live in Belgium and have been in this branch for a couple of decades, History and Kriegsmarine collectibles have been our interest for a while now. Thats why we want to preserve history. And with allot of knowledge to share we would like to showcase multiple items of our collection frequently. We collect various items from the Kriegsmarine, like uniforms, headgear and equipment to all kind of technical items, boxed navigational items, Gyro repeaters, magnetic compasses, lamps, receivers, sexants and much more! We hope you will enjoy what you will see on here.

Disclaimer: Our collection has no political grounds, and we distance us from any political thoughts. History should be remembered and lets learn from our past and not make the same mistakes.

We collect, buy and sell!

On this website I will showcase items of my own personal collection.

I will try to frequently add new items to our virtual collection. Look on collection page find some of our different items displayed scattered around our Categories. Here

We buy original Kriegsmarine items!

Have something to offer from you collection, or something you want to part with? Pictures and a price of your item would be very appreciated.

Feel free to contact us on our e-mail: kriegsmarinesammler@hotmail.com

Often we sell items from our collection.

Often we sell items, but rather as a collector giving other people the chance to buy a rare item that can leave our collection instead of as a dealer.

Take a look at our page For Sale and give us an e-mail if you are interested in one of our items.

Shipping costs will be depend on the buyers Location.

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