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U-Boot Junghans J30E Einbau Wanduhr Schiffsuhr

A U-Boot Jungans Wanduhr/Schiffsuhr/Clock with for buildon use. As seen in many U-Boots screwed onto wooden Cupboards or wooden walls.Working condition. As you can see in the last picture many of the indications and hands of the clock are glow in the dark by Radium Paint, enlightened here by a blacklight. Clock mechanism is a J30E and is very easy to use.

Kriegsmarine Junghans Bakelit Schiffsuhr

Kriegsmarine Jungans Wanduhr/Schiffsuhr/Clock with intact eagle. Working condition. Very rare and much more rare then Kieniger & Obergfell Clocks. Very lightweight since the housing is made out of Bakelite.

U-Boot Kieniger & Obergfell Schiffsuhr Clock

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Kieniger & Obergfell Wanduhr/Schiffsuhr/Clock with intact eagle and Norsee nr. In working condition, and near mint. Still has a very nice patina and remains with all of its original black paint which is really rare. These clocks were very common on allot of ships and very common on U-Boots. We have owned this items for a long time, it was bought pricatly in France and was told to came of a scrapped U-Boot near Brest after the war.

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