Navigation Instruments

On this page we will showcase our Navigational items and tools, on this picture is a quick display of some of our items in our collection.

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Map Tools

Kriegsmarine or U-Boot Navigation map tools, very important for every navigator, used for plotting or many other options. Seen underneath is also a very rare Kriegsmarine ruler which I have never seen one before beside one from U-534 Liverpool, a waterfind. These would have been used on every ship, or boat on every map table.

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Deuta Werke Anemometer

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Handwindmesser ”Anemo WP3” also called Anemometer from 1944. Made out of bakelitein excellent condition. The Anemometer is a device used for measuring wind speed and direction. It is also a common weather station instrument. A rare item you don’t see show up everyday. This model seems to be approved at Trondheim which was a very important U-Boot base in Norway during World war 2.

U-Boot Anschutz & Co Fernrohrpeilaufsatz

U-Boot Anschutz & Co Kiel Fernrohrpeilaufsatz Peildiopter Azimuth. Model S1350 nr. 2900. This item fits only on the Druckfester Tochterkompass/Pressure Proof Gyro Repeater model S2251. It was mounted on the Repeater and used to find a certain bearing for example a ship. A really rare item, but used on every U-Boot with a Gyro Repeater on the Turm/Conning tower. With 2 reference pictures attached, one shows an empty holder where this complete set would be positioned, labeled ‘Peildiopter’. While the second pictures shows this Peildiopter in use on the famous U-96, a very frequently used item for navigation.

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Lufft Barograph

Full complete set of a Kriegsmarine U-Boot Barograph made by Lufft. This item measures the Barometric pressure over time and draws the value overtime with inkt on paper on a slowly turning drum that can be winded. This Barograph still has its transport box, spare inkt and allot of ‘Diagramme’ papers for usage, still all in working condition and nicely marked with a plate on top.

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