On this page we will showcase our Optics/Binoculars, on this picture is a quick display of some of our items from our Collection.

Carl Zeiss / blc DF 10×80 20 grad

A DF(Doppelfernrohr) 10×80 20° deck mounted optic made by blc (= Carl Zeiss). This Binocular has a Rubber head protecter with 2 Rubber Eyecups, which makes it very comfortable to use. Equiped with an Anti AA sight (Kreiskorn) and with Weather shielding tubes. In very nice complete condition.

Carl Zeiss / blc 8×60 Kommandantenglas

A near mint 8×60 blc (= Carl Zeiss) Kommandantenglas also called Tall/Slim boy. Marked with M.S.S. (=Marine Signal Station). This Binocular here is added with 2 Rubber Eyecups, which makes it very comfortable to use. The shown model has very nice and clear sights, and lightweight compared to the other Fat blc 8×60.

Carl Zeiss / blc 7×50 Smooth Ocular

Excellent example of the 7×50 blc (= Carl Zeiss) Smooth ocular complete with Benützer Kappe / Raind guard and leather carrying strap. These models were equiped with build in Trockenpatronen, this would protect the prisms inside from moisture by absorbing it. These are very lightweight, and have an adjustable eyepieces focus.

Leitz Wetzlar / beh 7×50

Rubber armoured 7×50 beh (=Leitz Wetzlar) binocular with all the rubber and paint in great condition. Here we see the second type of this model, while opening the rubber eyepieces for usage you can click/hook the eyepieces behind the edge on the extensions. The first models where missing this feature. Thats why allot of rubber eyepieces were cut off during the wartime to make it more comfortable to use.

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