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On this page there will be frequently items for sale from our own Collection. Interested? Feel free to send us an e-mail.

Shipping cost/price depends on the buyers location.

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Kriegsmarine U-Boot SKS-3D SeeKreiselsextant Bubble/Gyro Sextant

A fully complete Late war U-Boot Bubble/Gyro Sextant also called the Seekreiselsextant SKS-3D. Produced by ‘gtl’ also known as C. Plath. These Sextant where the new future for navigational purposes they could be used both during day and mostly night. So U-Boot crews could also submerge during the night and find out there location. Which means there was less danger then submerging during the day. It’s fully complete with 2x batteries, battery charger, handle, all of its sun shades and all of its lamp. Finding such an example in this state and condition is not easy.

Fully complete and very good condition!

Asking price: 1500 eu + Shipping

Kriegsmarine Entfernungsmesser EM 07 Batterie/Battery light for Strichplatte

Complete Battery and Light Accessory for the Kriegsmarine Entfermungemesser/Rangefinder model 0,7 Rf. Produced by ‘jux’ and in fully original state. Very often these boxes are repainted post war or are missing its plate with eagle and producer. This item would have been used to enlighten the Strichplatten of the Rangefinder. Leather in still flexible just as the rubber cable. No acids in the Battery.

Fully complete and good condition!

Asking price: 600 eu + Shipping

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Südwester Southwester Foul Weater cap

A foul weather cap also called Südwester or Southwester. As seen and mainly used U-Boot patrols with their so called Gummi-Anzug, these would guard the men on watch from heavy weather and rain. The Cap is in totally stiff but in perfect display position.

Totally Stiff but great for display!!

Asking price: 150 eu + Shipping

Kriegsmarine Tellermütze Donald Duck Cap JP MOL Holland

Textbook Kriegsmarine Tellermütze for sale. With eagle and kokarde and Mützenband/Cap tally. Item is in very good condition. This cap is 100% textbook and has a producer stamp ( JP Mol BREDA, Holland) which means this one was made in the Netherlands, it’s a very famous brand. The Removable top is also marked with its size stamp and Rbnr. The cap is really in an outstanding condition!

Textbook, producer stamp, amazing condition!!!

Asking price: 800 eu + Shipping

Kriegsmarine Tellermütze Donald Duck Cap

Textbook Kriegsmarine Tellermütze for sale. With eagle and kokarde and Mützenband/Cap tally. Item is in worn but very good condition, on the liner are some remains of paints skids. Its named multiple times, on both sides inside the liner and on the front stiffening. This cap is 100% textbook and has a producer stamp which here it indicates where its made, visible on the last picture, left of the name.

Textbook, named multiple times & Producer stamp.

Asking price: 700 eu + Shipping

Kriegsmarine N&B Schiffstelefon Ships Phone

Kriegsmarine Schiffstelefon from 1941 made by N&B(Neumann & Borm K.-G. Berlin). Telephone is in very good condition! With both its original Handset and Mithörer installed with its Typical Waterproof Kriegsmarine Plugs. All of the Hearing inlets and mic is also inside. The phone has a crank which is used to ring other phones offcourse and is also is installed with a Bell for incomming calls. It has its original typeplates and is nicely marked with its maker and building year. When called a dial switches white which has Radium paint on it (Last picture shows it been lighted with a Blacklight). A very uncommon and rare Schiffstelefon.

Very Good Condition, Complete!

Asking price: 1300 eu + Shipping

RARE U-Boot Type XIV Hauptdruck Luftanlage Plan/Scematic for U-487 U-488 U-489 and U490

Very rare U-Boot Type XIV HD Luftanlage scematic/plan produced for Werft ‘Deutsche Werke Kiel’. This plan was used for the Production of Bau nr 312-315 which leads to U-487 U-488 U-489 and U490, These where the last 4 U-Tankers to be build. Only 10 U-Tankers were build and many to be canceled while in building progress. They were designed from resuplying other U-Boots on patrol and therefor were very important, they received their name U-Tanker or Milchkuh/Milk Cow. Sadly none of the U-Tankers survived their service… This plan is the one of the most import plans about a U-Boot, with not that many information about the Type XIV U-Boots this is a very rare item you will not see appear in a while. Its very large sized 119cm x 88cm. They would fit any display nicely framed in the room.

Well preserved, no damages or tears, Size 119x88cm

Asking price: 425 eu + Shipping

Kriegsmarine Philips H2L/7 Notempänger Emergency Receiver Funkgerät

Kriegsmarine Notempfänger/Emergency Receiver H2L/7 Made by Philips. The Receiver is in working condition with all NOS(New old stock) tubes. It has the typical 3 Prong Kriegsmarine holes in front for the Headset/Kopfhörer just as on the side which is very typical Kriegsmarine Antenna connector also with the Typeplate on the opposite side. It operates on 15KHz to 21 MHz in 10 bands but needs a strong signal or a very good antenna. I will add a Youtube video of the receiver. If ones really desires to buy this without the tubes let me know and the price will be lowered.

Working Condition, but I give no garanty. All NOS Tubes. Works on 150VDC and 4VDC or Kristal(Not included)

Asking price: 650 eu + Shipping

Kriegsmarine Siemens Schiffstelefon 1940 Wandstation

Kriegsmarine Wandstation/Schiffstelefon from 1940 made by SAM(Siemens Apparate u. Maschinen). The Telephone seems to be nicely repainted. The internal is sadly incomplete so not functioning. The earpiece is solid and has a crack. It has its original typeplates and is nicely marked. An original picture is added where you can see the Telephone on a Bridge.

Repainted, Original typeplates, earpiece solid but cracked, incomplete internal.

Asking price: 450 eu + Shipping

Kriegsmarine Offizier/Officer Messejacke Parade Jacket Kapitänleutnant + Weste

Kapitänleutnant Messejacke/Parade jacket Together with a Weste, Both are named but from 2 different person in good condition. The Messeanzug has a stain on the left Sleeve. I found 2 Pottential owners of the Weste named Opdenhoff which you can search for on HMA. The Messejacke is named Tauscher.

Good condition, Both named, Fabr. Label, Stain on sleeve. (Free old white shirt + Tie)

Asking price: 1000 eu + Shipping

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Pressbilder / Press Fotos

8x Original Pressbilder /Press Fotos with U-Boot themed pictures. Large size pictures with a Titel and a small description of what can be seen in the showed Picture with also the Date and name of the Kriegsberichter mentioned.

Good Condition, no creases or tears. Size 236x184mm

Asking price: 20 Euro/each + Shipping

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Kleinkämpf Lederjacke/wrap

A Kriegsmarine U-Boot Kleinkampfverbände Lederjacke or also called Panzerwrap. Made late war in 1944 for Mini-subs but was also used on U-Boats. This jackets is marked with its Factory stamp and year, also also a Big eagle with M in the leather. This jackets is in worn condition, beign worn post war is probably the reason why, this explains the added Buttons on collar and other places

Worn condition, Fabr Stamp, Eagle+M, small added post war buttons.

Asking price: 550eu + Shipping

U-Boot bmk 3,7cm Flak Zielfernrohr Optik/sight

Late war Kriegsmarine U-Boot Pressure Proof /Druckfester 3,7cm Flak Optik Zielfernrohr sight, 4×15 made by bmk. Rubber is still soft and in good condition complete with slide on part on the bottom which is often missing, reticle visible, alltough the sight/visibility is not clear. DZC/2 4×15 bmk

Used condition, outside looks good, sight/visibility not clear and needs a cleaning.

Asking price: 650 Euro + Shipping

Kriegsmarine Thermograph Instrument

Kriegsmarine Thermograph, this item was used to write down the temperature on the rotating drum/paper with a needle and ink. The drum that can be winded will last for 7 days, which gives a weekly report of the temperature. A bit similar to the Barograph which is used for baromatic pressure.

Good and used condition, marked

Asking price: 650 Euro + Shipping

Kriegsmarine Chart/Map Table Instrument

Kriegsmarine chart/map table instrument for sale. Made by Adolf Fromme, marked with ”Eigentum der Marineschule Kiel” and eagle. I assume it was used to train Kriegsmarine sailors in their school/training for measuring distancing on a chart/map.

Used condition, box in good state, tool itself has some wear to it due the age and usage.

Asking price: 700 Euro + Shipping

Kriegsmarine/Reichsmarine Peilaufsatz

Kriegsmarine and Reichsmarine Peilaufsatz in original box. With multiple markings, Reichsmarine eagle and Anschutz & Co, Kiel on the peilaufsatz and M marking on the box. This item was made for the Reichsmarine but as you can see on the picture this was also widely used in the Kriegsmarine. I have more pictures of this exact model been used.

Good condition, marked.

Asking price: 500 Euro + Shipping

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Type IX Dieselraum Drehzahlmesser/Tachometer

For sale is a very rare Deuta Werke U-Boot Drehzahlmesser/Tachometer from a Type IX U-Boot. This particular piece was used and mounted in the Dieselraum/Engine Room. Type IX Engines used MAN and Deuta Werke Tachometers as gauges. Due to the logo of Deuta werke and marking on the back of Testing it this device is early from 1940. The test markings on the back are Identical to U-Boot Voltmeters I own. The RPM’s are correct. U-505 uses very simular gauges.

Very Good Condition, stamp of test 7 Mai 1940 on 0,8 atü

Asking price: Reserved

Kriegsmarine Offizierschuhe / Officer Shoe’s

Kriegsmarine Offizierschuhe / Officer Shoe’s for sale who still remain in good condition. Iron heel and tip on the footsoles which are also not falling appart. The shoe’s are both nicely marked with B.A.W. + date.

Good condition, marked B.A.W. + date

Asking price: Reserved

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Seekarte Dungeness bis Orfordness und Strasse von Dover März 1945

For sale is a March 1945 Seekarte / Nautical chart. In good condition, used for U-Boot for navigation and other ships too. This being a very late war chart is very unique.

Well preserved, no damages or tears, Very big

Asking price: Sold

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Seekarte Elbmündung / Cüxhaven November 1944

For sale is a November 1944 Seekarte / Nautical chart. In good condition, used for U-Boot navigation and other vessels too. Also a late war example.

Well preserved, no damages or tears, Very big

Asking price: Sold

Kriegsmarine SD M40 Stahlhelm

Kriegsmarine Single Decal Model 40 Stahlhelm for sale. ET64 nr 2140, Decal is 70% and is a 2 layer Kriegsmarine Decal and not a Toned Heer. The liner seems to have lost 2 bits of the tongues. The helmet still looks very good on any display.

Original as is, untouched, used condition.

Asking price: Sold

Kriegsmarine Bakelite Kompass KM/DS Sept 1942

Kriegsmarine Schiffskompass in bakelite housing. Bakelite has no cracks or signs of damage. Inside the bakelite housing are multiple markings, KM/DS which means (Kriegsmarine/Deutsche Seewärte) or 9/42 which means September 1942.

Good condition, complete and marked.

Asking price: Sold

Kriegsmarine White Tellermütze Donald Duck cap Schlachtschiff Scharnhorst

A less seen and Rare Kaiserliche Marine Tellermütze that was used in the Kriegsmarine worn with a cap tally from Schlachtschiff Scharnhorst. The cap tally seems to be cut/shortened. The Tellermütze itself remains in Good condition, and is nicely stamped with (B.A.K. 23.7.15 Size 58)

Good condition, Cap Tally Cut/shortened, BAK stamp inside.

Asking price: Sold

Kriegsmarine Leutnant zur See Offiziersmantel

Kriegsmarine Offiziersmantel Leutnant zur See, in very good almost mint condition with no wearing. Marked with RBNr and size stamps inside. It has both hooks for the Dolch, which are cutout very often. it has 1 small repaired moth hole on the uppersleeve.

Excellent condition, complete, marked, 1 repaired moth hole

Asking price: Sold

Kriegsmarine U-Boot blc 8×60 Komandanten Fernglas

A U-Boot Komandanten glas blc 8×60 nr. 49645 also called the ‘Fat’ model. The paint remains in very good original condition with some slight wearings on the top parts. These binoculars are very famous for their big look and were only serviced for U-Boot officers. Optic inside is mint! perfect for everyday use!

Original Paint in very good condition, optical vision is mint

Asking price: Sold

Kriegsmarine Überzieher Kollani Marineartillerielaufbahn

A Very nice Kriegsmarine Überzieher/Kollani. Jackets remains in very good condition. All insigna’s are original applied. Inside the jacket there seems to be a wartime repair with silk fabrik. Sleeve insigna for Marineartillerielaufbahn. Inside the sleeve the size stamps are still visible

Good Condition, Size Stamps in sleeve, original applied insignas & wartime repair.

Asking price: Sold

Kriegsmarine Tellermütze Donald Duck Cap

Kriegsmarine or U-Boot Tellermütze for sale. with eagle kokarde and Mützenband/Cap tally. Inside is a nametag of the owner. A Standard item for every Kriegsmarine collector!

Used condition, look at the pictures for better details.

Asking price: Sold

Kriegsmarine Tellermütze Donald Duck Cap

Textbook Kriegsmarine or U-Boot Tellermütze for sale. With eagle and kokarde and Mützenband/Cap tally. Item is in worn but very good condition, on the inside sweat stain on the bezug. This cap is 100% textbook and has a producer stamp which here it indicates its made in Germany.

Textbook, used but very good condition.

Asking price: Sold

Kriegsmarine Porzelanteller Dish plate

Big Kriegsmarine Porzelanteller/plate in good and slightly used condition, markings on bottom as shown on the picture.

Good condition, marked on bottom.

Asking price: Sold

Kriegsmarine Marine Munition Kiste

Kriegsmarine Marine Munition kiste. Nice lightweight box made from alluminium. On top it says Marine Munition (which indicates this is for the Kriegsmarine or maybe Küstenartillerie) Gesamtgewicht 29kg (Which indicated if filled that the Total weight would be 29kg). On the front are the remains of the label.

Some oxidation, marked.

Asking price: Sold

Kriegsmarine Tellermütze Scharnhorst

Kriegsmarine or U-Boot Tellermütze from Schlachtschiff Scharnhorst for sale. With eagle kokarde and Mützenband/Cap tally. Not easy to find the Mützenband, here complete with the Tellermütze.

Used condition, for more pictures feel free to contact me.

Asking price: Sold

R Fuess Steglitz Barograph Kriegsmarine U-Boot

Kriegsmarine U-Boot R Feuss Steglitz Barograph instrument in excellent condition for sale . This item measures the Barometric pressure over time and draws the value with a needle and inkt on paper on a slowly turning drum that can be winded. On the last picture you can see the exact same R Fuess Barograph with same the recognizable handle .

Very clean condition, inside instrument still turns and ticks while winded.

Asking price: Sold

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