Technical items

On this page we will showcase our Technical items, on this picture is a quick display of some of our items from our Collection.

Kriegsmarine U-Boot AEG Schaltanlagen Marineschule Kiel Book

A very rare book used in the facility of Marineschule-Kiel for the E-Sonder-Lehrgänge U-Boot crewman. This books describes all about the Electrical Schaltanlagen/Switchboards used on a Type VIIC U-Boot. Many pages written how to operate and use the system, and how it works. With very highly detailed pictures of the Switchboard and many Electrical plans too. This switchboard is from AEG, many other producers also made switchboards for U-Boots, for example BBC and Siemens.

Kriegsmarine C.Plath Water Temperature Meter

Kriegsmarine and U-Boot Temperature meter for sea. Produced by C. Plath Hamburg, a very well known brand in the Kriegsmarine. This very rare Sea Temperature meter was hooked to a rope and thrown into the sea, to measure the temperature of the sea. It has leather padding on the side which protects it from hitting the side of the ship/boat. The glas Temperature meter inside is marked with Reichsmarine and is stuck between 2 metal springs and corks which protects it from breaking. A very uncommon item.

Kriegsmarine Carl Zeiss/Winkel Mikroscope

A very rare Kriegsmarine Mikroscope made by Carl Zeiss/Zeiss Winkel. In absolute mint condition, with eagles all over the place, in total 7 eagles! Every lense and part has a eagle marking. One of our favourite items we have. Used to examine items which are not too small to be seen with the naked eye.

Kriegsmarine R Fuess Berlin-Steglitz Barometer

A Kriegsmarine or U-Boot Barometer, one of many from our collection. This one has a wooden holder made for it. ‘R Fuess Berlin- Steglitz’ is the producer, this model is one of the many models made by this producer for the Kriegsmarine. The front plate is marked with an eagle and M nr and DRP (Deutsches Reichspatent). The Barometer is still functional as was used for measuring the Atmospheric pressure. This was important for weather prediction. Changes in the atmosphere, including changes in air pressure, affect the weather.

U-Boot Seehund XXVII B Batteries

2 Batteries from a Type XXVII B U-Boot, also known as a Seehund. They’re filled with lead (no liquids inside), and have a weight of ~10kg each. On top you can see air vent caps which have a simple filter. These batteries came from the surfaced Seehund that is displayed in the Wreckmuseum in Cuxhaven. These exact type of batteries were also used on many other places, like a Biber U-Boot, or even a G7e Torpedo. The red Battery is marked with a 3 letter code ‘ehe’ which indicated where it was made. Further research brought me to this ”Heinrich Römmler AG, Preßstoffwerke, Spremberg”

U-Boot FuMO 61 ‘Hohentwiel’ Radar Book

A Very rare book of the Famous FuMO 61’Hohentwiel’ Radar Installation, this book descripes everything you need to know. How it works, how it is used together with all the scematics inside and detailed pictures of the Items used. With a Quick Read I understand that the Transformer makes 10.000V for the Sender, it sends Highfrequencyimpulses from 6 Microseconds long, on a wavelength of ~50 meters, with an effective range of 150km on strong reflection. If a signal is reflected, it would be visible on the Sichtgerät.

U-Boot Schiffslampe Schips Lamp

U-Boot Schiffslampe/Schips lamp for Raumbeleuchtung/Interior lighting. These lamps with its very recognizable shape and cage are its main supply of lighting inside the U-Boot. Made by Siemens (& Schuckert?), powered with 110 Volt and using a E27 matt finished bulb.

U-Boot Drehzahlmesser/Tachometer Type XXI

U-Boot Drehzahlmesser/Tachometer made by ‘Dr Th Horn Leipzig’. Models made by this manufacturer were only equiped in Type VII’s, XB’s, XXI’s and XXIII. The speed could differ from 400 till 600 depending which U-Boot. This particular model with a speed of 400 would be used in a Type XXI, possible XXIII too. This is the receiver model with no light bulbs inside but a Radium glow in the dark faceplate safely hidden behind a glas face. In a standard U-Boot type there would be 2 receivers each in the Dieselraum, E-anlage and the Zentrale and 2 sender models in the Turm with a slight difference in model.

Late war U-Boot Lautsprecher/Speaker Type XXI

A very late war U-Boot speaker/Lautsprecher found in the 1980’s, equiped in Type VIIC, IXC, and XXI. This particular model was found in the U-Bootsbunker Elbe II in Hamburg Germany. In the 90’s the U-Bootsbunker was filled with sand, with on top a modern Harbour. Still there untill today lays U-3004, U-2505 and U-3506 on their final resting place buried.

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