On this page we will showcase our Equipment, on this picture is a quick display of some of our items from our Collection.

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Unterseebootschule Wappen/Plaque

Unterseebootschule Wappen/Plaque which are not commonly seen. It’s made from wood and still remains his original paint which makes this plaque looks very colourfull. On the last picture owned by Berlin Militaria You can see the same plate used on a School U-Boot. It seems that this plate was gifted from the Marinekameradschaft in Tangermünde for his remembrance and good association with the U-Boot-Abw. Gruppe R11, R12, R13, R14 and R15 at 5 July 1938 to Kapitänltnt and Gruppenführer …(Name sadly not readable for me”….nisch”?). If anyone is able to identify more about this name, I would really appreciate it, I’ve tried to make researches among Raumboten Flotilles but nothing succesfull.

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Packhülle für Marine-Einmann-Schlauchboot

A rare Packhülle für Marine-Einmann-Schlauchboot (Bag for a One-man Life Raft). This bag/backpack was contained with a Einmann-Schlauchboot (One-man Life Raft), Notproviant (Emergency Food) and one Feldflasche (Canteen). This was a very important survival equipment. On many pictures these life rafts can be seen. The last picture shows US-Navy with a Packhülle found in the water after the sinking of a U-Boot.

Kriegsmarine Reserveteilen für Lo1UK35 Kiste

Reserveteile für Lo1UK35 Sender-Empfänger. A Wooden box with all necessary spare parts for a Lo1UK35 Tranceiver. These boxes are often spotted but always missing its inside wooden dividers and parts. Here shown is a complete box with all its original parts, which is very rare and almost impossible to achieve without scrapping an Lo1UK35. The box remains in near mint condition.

Kriegsmarine Kisten für Rettungsbojenlichte

A very rare box for Kriegsmarine Rettungsbojenlichte. Its marked with a 3 letter code ‘dve’ and plate mentioning ‘Kasten für Rettungsbojenlichte’. This box was filled with 4 Rettungsbojenlichte, Red coloured lifebuoy lights. When thrown into water the chemical items inside would react and would make a visible smoke. Box remains with some slight rust on the outside, inside mint condition.

Kriegsmarine Torpedoboot 7 Schiffsglocke

Shown is the Ships bell of Torpedoboot 7 with its original paint. A Collectors dream. The Ships Bell is also known as the ‘Heart of the Ship’. The Torpedoboot 7 ‘T7’ was one of a dozen Type 35 Torpedoboots. T7 was completed in 1939, but not combat ready until mid-1940 when she spent several months escorting Minelayers as they laid minefields in the North Sea and the English Channel. The boat participated in an abortive attempt to attack several convoys off the Scottish coast in November. T7 returned to Germany for a refit in January 1941 and then supported operations in the Baltic Sea. The boat was one of the escorts for several Commerce Raiders passing through the English Channel in late 1941 and then escorted German ships in Norwegian waters in mid-1942. She was briefly placed in reserve later that year and was then reactivated for service with the Torpedo School. T7 was sunk in an air raid in July 1944, but was refloated several months later. She was never repaired and was scrapped in 1947–1949.

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Kriegsmarine U-Boot 1944 Auer Tauchretter

Here shown is a nicely marked Late war Nov 1944 Tauchretter made by Auer, less common then the Dräger made ones. This rescue device was equipped with a breathing bottle ”Alkali-Patrone” and with a Co2 flask to blow the vest. Each crewman was equiped with this Tauchretter and it was very important in a German U-Boot, for fresh air when toxic gasses were released or for escaping the U-Boot in emergency. For some reason this set was equiped with a Co2 bottle of a very rare Tauchgerät which was used with a special diving suit.

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Alkali-Patronen

Alkali-Patronen where very important in a U-Boot, more then 200 of these were scattered all around the U-Boot in Baskets. They would supply fresh air to the crew on board when the air supply couldnt be running due to certain reasons. For example when submerged and they had to be very quiet for stealth efficiency. These cans can be refilled like shown in U995 here. These Alkali-Patronen would be used with an added Breathing mask. They are made by ‘byd’ (=Dräger) and nicely marked with DRP.

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