Uniforms & Headgear

On this page we will showcase our Uniforms & Headgear, on this picture is a quick display of some of our Kriegsmarine caps and more!

Kriegsmarine U-Boot NCO sweater

Heavily used Kriegsmarine Sweater for Unteroffiziere/Nco’s indicated by the white stripes on the sleeves. They were used for Sport Activities and very loved by U-Boot crewmen as seen on many pictures. With these typical fashionable collars they can be spotted countles times underneath their U-Boot Päckchens. Consisting in many variants with button or zippers, even different pouches or none at all. These sweaters were also worn in the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe or SS, also worn allot after the war, these are not easy to achieve.

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Denim Battledress

The well known Denim Battledress, ‘U-Boot Päckchen’. After the British left a huge stockpile of these jackets in France, caused by the evacuation in Dunkirk. They fell into the hands of the Kriegsmarine. These jackets were giving to the U-Boot crews around the end of 1940, as they called them Gifts for Christmas, these received their own name, ”U-Boot Päckchen”. They became a very loved design, which caused these jackets being worn during the rest of the war. After the Introduction of this captured Denim Battledress their Own U-Boot Päckchen was designed with many simular features.

Kriegsmarine Unterofficier/NCO Schirmmütze

Kriegsmarine Unteroffizier/NCO Schirmmütze in used and good condition. This cap is another example of a perfect Textbook Uffz/NCO Schirmmütze using all correct materials on the front edge and inside a good shape and the way the leather liner is applied how it should be. The blue top part is also removable which is important for this types of cap.

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Pelzmütze Fur Cap

Kriegsmarine and U-Boot Pelzmütze, a popular headgear used by U-Boot crews since they protect you from cold weather. The flaps on top could be untied which gives you extra warmth. All of these caps I’ve seen always have a very nice producer label. This one particularly made by ‘Carl Isken Uniformmützenfabrik Köln 1943’.

Kriegsmarine Korvettenkapitän Schirmmütze

Mint Unused Kriegsmarine Korvettenkapitän Schirmmütze/Officers cap with makers label/tag inside. Textbook with all correct materials used. Not easy to find a cap like this, in this state of condition.

Kriegsmarine Tellermütze/Sailor Cap

A heavily issued item for the Kriegsmarine. Here in display is a nice example of a Textbook Tellermütze. With all correct materials. On the blue removable cap nicely marked with B.A.W. 8.3.39 (Bekleidungs Amt Wilhelmshaven + Date ) and on the inner liner a manufacturer stamp with date 10 Sept 1940.

Kriegsmarine Blue shirt Signalobermaat

A standard issue Kriegsmarine Blue shirt made from wool. With a sleeve patch ‘Signalobermaat’. Also added on this set is the service collar and a scarf, 2 of these items are nicely labeled/written on with a personal nametag.

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